Linda Lafortune

Linda Lafortune

National Trainer

Linda is passionate about supporting individuals, teams, and organizations in their journey to growth and success.  She is energized by serving as a resource for those working towards personal, team, and organizational excellence.  Linda’s areas of expertise include leadership development, emotional intelligence, employee engagement, change management, time management, effective communication, conflict resolution, giving and receiving feedback, and building effective teams. Through her own journey she has learned that true success (professional and personal) begins with our personal growth and development.  During her interactive sessions she provides data driven information as well as time and research proven skill development. 

During her 25+ years in the Corporate world she led multiple teams & divisions as well as leadership development and employee engagement programs and strategies.  Her professional and academic experiences, coupled with her passion for facilitating learning and supporting others in their growth and development result in individuals, teams and organizations experiencing memorable and impactful events.  

Linda also  saw an opportunity to expand her offering to include development for teachers.  Teachers are leaders in the classroom and certainly benefit from continued support and development.  Linda’s philosophy about teaching is simple. She agrees with Madeline Hunter when she said, “Kids don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care!” Many think she was being too “warm and fuzzy” but what she meant was you are not going to reach some kids academically until you first reach them on the “human to human” level. Linda believes that research is clear, when students know you value them as a human being, not just another student; they will work harder for you and challenge you less. She also believes teachers don’t need any more theory and new, trendy programs with catchy names.

Linda believes teachers need to be given research based, proven, practical strategies and applications that teachers can start implementing immediately – without throwing anything out that is working in their classroom.

Linda understands that students come into our classrooms and schools with different backgrounds and cultures and their cognitive abilities, assets and experiences are just as wide ranging.  Sometimes the only thing students have in common is their age! The “one size fits all” approach does not work anymore.

Linda is dedicated to helping educators be successful through motivation, inspiration, humor and a common-sense approach to stress management. Most importantly, she leaves educators with as many proven, practical strategies as she can.


  •  Trainer/Speaker/Coach
  • DDI Certified Facilitator
  • National Trainer, Classroom Management
  • 25 years leadership experience
  •  Developed and led leadership development, learning and development & employee engagement strategies and programs
  • Masters Degree in Leadership & Organizational Change, Pfeiffer University